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Monday, December 20, 2010

Afternoon Sessions - documentation

I chose not to visually document the afternoon sessions, though I have written down the things we did and how it all progressed. I will start posting descriptions shortly.
It would be especially lovely if those of you who were there could write a little bit about the experience - what we did and any thoughts or responses.

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  1. I'd love to share my experience of the “writing to movement” activity:
    a) As a group, identify a space in the FAC which inspires and is rich in architecture.
    b) Each person then wrote for 15mins about what the space offered in terms of:
    - Texture
    - Rhythm
    - Quality of light
    - Smells or taste
    - Memories
    c) After writing, two participants at a time performed simultaneous solos in the space. Others observed.
    My observations of the solo movement response:
    1) My movements were clearly influenced / enhanced by the morning body weather sessions. Body parts moved independently (for example I isolated my right shoulder blade and moved it backwards) and new movement vocabulary was discovered.
    2) The process of creating a movement sequence / “performance” was simplified. My role was simply to move into the space and let my newly sensitised body decide the score.
    3) For me the role of the writing was to plant seeds in our subconscious. During the solo response I did not think of it.
    4) Observing others I noticed a mesmerising amount of detail e.g. it seemed the fingers and hands were articulating a participant’s dialogue with her mind: feelings of vulnerability and hesitation.