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Friday, October 29, 2010


Bodyweather Workshop, Dartmoor, UK, 2010. Led by Marnie McKee & Rachel Sweeney. Image by Michelle Outram & Manuel Vason
IMPROVISATION RESEARCH (facilitated by Michelle Outram)

BLOCK 1: Friday 19 to Monday 22 November
BLOCK 2: Wednesday 1 December to Wednesday 8 December
Fremantle Arts Centre
This laboratory is being offered as part of Michelle Outram's residency at Fremantle Arts Centre. Michelle is currently researching methodologies for developing large-scale improvised performance installation environments and would like to share this research (and associated practice and training) with other practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience.
The lab is structured as a series of non-compulsory sessions (three per day – see next page for times and descriptions) so that artists can choose how much to be involved, work around other commitments and/or to be able to focus on areas of interest within what is offered. Full (or significant) participation is encouraged as Michelle is interested in the notion of working 'at capacity' and exploring the paradoxical relationship between exhaustion and energy in the creative process, however, all levels of participation will be supported.
Please email Michelle (details below) clearly stating which sessions you would like to attend. This will help us plan the laboratory. Places for morning training are limited. Please also very briefly state your relationship (if any) to improvisation and to Bodyweather.
The artists are offering this laboratory at no cost in a collegiate and skill-sharing spirit, but if you'd like to make a financial contribution, that can also be arranged.
MICHELLE OUTRAM via email, phone, skype, fb etc
email: michelle at michelleoutram dot com (you know the deal)


MORNING SESSIONS: 1000 TO 1300 (arrive by 0945)
NB. There will be no morning sessions on 20 and 21 Nov.
BODYWEATHER – MB – led by Marnie McKee (nee Orr)
MB (which stands for Mind Body, Muscle Bone) is a workout session based on the walking, working body. MB is designed to develop individuals' strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, stamina, and relationship to gravity, space, time and the working group. MB provides physical and verbal tools for generating dynamic space. It forms the foundation of Bodyweather training and philosophy. Bodyweather is a broadbased, comprehensive physical training which cultivates a conscious relation to the state of constant change inside and outside the body. Founded in Japan by butoh dancer Min Tanaka and his Mai-Juku performance group in the 1970's, Bodyweather is an open investigation that can be relevant for anyone interested in extending their physical practice, and creative practice generally. (Description provided by Marnie McKee.)

Research in Real Time Composition with João Fiadeiro, Lisbon 2010: A series from session in the studio with João Fiadeiro, Vera Sofia Mota, Carlos Oliviera, Francisco Macias, Isabel Simões and Mariana Santos
These sessions will combine exploration of a variety of techniques and approaches to improvisation with the opportunity to practice performing for a group of peers. Sessions will be focussed around areas of interest and could include working from attention to texture and sensation, investigating memory/imagination or the role of 'fiction' in protecting the performer. Please contact Michelle if you have a particular interest and would like to lead a session.

EVENING SESSIONS: 1830 to 2130
Research undertaken in March 2010 at Fremantle Arts Centre: Michelle Outram, Adelina Larsson, Simon Wise, Daniel Portelli, Hayley Bahr, Mia Holton, Maitland Schnaars, Carly Armstrong and Sarah Neviille
The evening sessions will focus on Michelle's current research project – methodological investigations toward the creation of The PNG Work which will examine Australia's relationship with Papua New Guinea through the development a continually shifting (improvised) film and performance installation environment. Michelle's use of improvised choreographic scores allows performers to respond in the present to memory, place, film elements, other performers and audiences. These sessions are open to anyone who is interested (as there's plenty to do) – no 'experience' of any particular kind necessary. Participation in this research may lead to involvement in the final work.

Image of Marnie by Carla Vendramin, Dartmoor, Devon, 2010
MARNIE (Perth, Australia) is a cross-media artist and live researcher working collaboratively with artists and scientists. McKee investigates place and identity through dance, technology and site utilising physical, verbal and visual languages. McKee is an endorsed Bodyweather practitioner, training with Tess de Quincey (Sydney, 1998-2001), as well as Stuart Lynch (Copenhagen) and Frank van de Ven (Amsterdam). McKee facilitates immersive research and training, and produces site works in consultation with local knowledge holders and geography/ecological field professionals.
Image of Michelle by Marnie Orr, Bridgetown, 2010
MICHELLE recently returned to Perth from five months in Europe and the UK where she intensively investigated a range of approaches to improvisation, participating in research across a range of practices including Bodyweather with Marnie McKee & Rachel Sweeney (Dartmoor, UK); Real Time Composition with João Fiadiero (Lisbon, Portugal); and with practitioners Andrew Morrish and Rosalind Crisp. She is also collaborating with Manuel Vason (UK/Italy) in developing a practice using improvisation for the creation of performance images (photographs) and with Carla Vendramin (UK/Brazil) on projects in public places in London. Michelle trained as an improvisor with Andrew Morrish, Tony Osborne, Jo Pollitt, Nikki Heywood and Martin del Amo (amongst others) and has performed in Australia at Rushing for the Sloth (Sydney), Precipice (Canberra), Boiler Room (Hobart), Blind Date (Sydney) and Whip It (Sydney) which she also co-founded and co-curated.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Collaborators can now post to the blog

I've just changed the settings so Adelina, Chris, Simon, Heidrun and Jo can create posts, rather than only respond.

Back at FAC!

Hello all

I am back in residency at Fremantle Arts Centre as of yesterday to continue with the research and development process for The PNG Work as well as giving myself the time and space to continue practicing as an artist.

The past few months have been really really great as I have been pretty much only practicing as an artist, but not here in Australia. It has been so amazing to have been 'on' all the time and to meet amazing, supportive and inspiring people wherever I went. I feel very privileged and ready to continue and continue and continue...

I would now like to open this blog to everyone, not only to the team. This is in the interest of sharing some process and also increasing the visibility of the work as it develops.

Welcome back to the team and welcome to anyone else who cares to read along also!