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Monday, December 20, 2010

Afternoon Sessions - overview

While a number of different ideas relating to improvisation were explored in the afternoons, most sessions followed the following structure:
  1. discussion with the group about expectations and responses to previous sessions;
  2. warm up (physical with occasional vocal)
  3. exercises chosen to stimulate the senses, provoke thought and provide building blocks for the rest of the session;
  4. performances; and
  5. structured feedback relating to the performances.
It is also important to note that feedback took place after each exercise also and forms one of the major learning and group cohesion tools when working in this way.

Also the final two session in the series were quite distinctive and were structured differently.

It was important to me (Michelle), as the facilitator, to continually be responsive to the group. This meant I would propose a focus for the session after listening to the thoughts of the group in the initial discussion. I was able to plan some initial exercises during the warm up and then continue to respond throughout the sessions. This approach generally seemed to work well and worked particularly well when the group responded clearly and critically to the exercises.

At times I was able to step in as a 'participant', but there were times when I was more interested in watching the structure unfold.

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