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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fremantle Arts Centre

Here you see the front of the FAC building (distorted by the macro on my point and click). Behind the archways is a space that performers could inhabit or come out from. It will be possible to project footage from around about where I am standing taking the photo, so the images might hit the sides of the columns which could be interesting. I will try it out next week when I have projectors on site.
Here's some history
Here are the plans:
I'm currently in a small room on the ground floor labelled 7. This is a sort of office that we will also be using as a store room and editing studio. There are plenty of other bits of the building to play in. We may need to do some work on carpet, just so you know. The wing I am in was, until January, a museum so everything is in transition regarding fixtures and fittings etc.

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