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Friday, March 5, 2010

'Demonstration Work' Score

The interconnection between improvised dance and film/sound installation can be explored though enacting and reflecting on scores. Scoring is a practical technique that can be used to conceptually combine a range of diverse elements. The following example is the score used to create the 'Demonstration Work'. Please note the audience is not included as an element in this exploration. It is also a very brief description of something far more complex (it's come straight out of the latest grant application).
Film Environment (distant past) – project a 16mm film loop (archival footage of George Street, Sydney) onto a wall or screen; film this on digital camera and feed it back through a data projector. The video operator changes the aperture, focus etc to distort the image and create 'movement'.
Audio Environment (present) – create a feedback loop using four speakers and two lapel mics worn by the dancer. Control the sound through use of digital audio filters. The dancer also controls the feedback through spatial positioning. Add a very recent recording of George Street to the mix.
Dancer Instructions (memory or lived past) – remember walking down George Street (which is a place that holds significance for the dancer) and respond physically using change in tension and direction. Be aware you are 'playing' the film and audio environments.

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