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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Info for Dancers - STRUT Seed Residency, November/December 2011 R&D

Hi Bianca, Jess, James and Hellen

I am posting the info you will need here on the blog so you will always know where to find it :)

Please be ready to begin at the start times - arrive early if you need time to relax etc.

7-9pm Wednesday 23 November
Q&A at Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC)

10am-10pm Tuesday 29 November
Hellen will join Adelina, Simon and I at some stage

4:30pm to 10pm Thursday 1 November
Training, research, practice etc
Hellen will be late

4:30pm to 10pm Sunday 4 Dec
Training, research, practice etc

2 to 10pm Monday 5 Dec (showing from 8pm)
Preparation for showing
James will be arriving late and will make up this time on another day


  • warm clothes (it can be very cold and windy up at FAC on the hill at night).
  • white or light-coloured clothes to work in projection environments (from casual to 'dressed'). Bring a couple of different options if you can. Please let me know asap if this will be a problem.
  • Water in a bottle.
  • Hat, sunscreen etc for outdoor work in the day.
  • Head torch (if you have one).
  • Comfortable clothes for training.
  • Notebook etc if you are inclined to want to write things down.
We will be having half-hour breaks where I will be providing food as this is the easiest, cheapest, quickest option. If you have any particular requirements let me know asap. If you are the type of person who needs to snack, please bring your own.

We will be presenting a showing of our process on Monday 5 December. The way we will be working around the building means that we will have to limit our audience. Also, I am not keen on inviting a huge amount of people at this point as the work is in a vulnerable stage of development. That said, I am more than happy for you all to invite people who you would like to see the work or your work in this context. Please do so by email and either give me a list in person or send a list through to myself and Jo Pickup so we can give priority to these people. I would love to be more open about inviting people, but due to the many constraints of the working process we can not this time.

I am intending to make an A4 program with notes and information about the work. I will also be crediting you and the other people who have had a hand in getting the work this far. I apologise for the lack of listing of your names in some of STRUT's emails. I have asked them to include all names in subsequent communications and this is of course fine. At present I don't intend to include biogs (mainly because I don't really have time and energy to chase you all) but if this is particularly important to you I will do it.

Apparently there is trackwork happening on the Freo line over the next few weeks. Please let me know if this will be a problem for you so we can organise lifts etc.

I will try to get some posts up about the process, but I'm not sure if I will have the time. The process is very intensive as we are doing many sessions each day including physical practice, research (at this time we are focussing on different modes of awareness in order to be prepared to respond to the audience and environments), technical development (with projectors etc), and investigations at night with the projections in the architecture. Much much more to be done!!

See you all soon.


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  1. Hi Michelle, thank you for posting these informations. It helps to understand the dynamic of the work. I am going to check with Transperth and I let you know. No worries about my bio, the credits will be enough. See you tomorrow