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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back at FAC!

Hello all

I am back in residency at Fremantle Arts Centre as of yesterday to continue with the research and development process for The PNG Work as well as giving myself the time and space to continue practicing as an artist.

The past few months have been really really great as I have been pretty much only practicing as an artist, but not here in Australia. It has been so amazing to have been 'on' all the time and to meet amazing, supportive and inspiring people wherever I went. I feel very privileged and ready to continue and continue and continue...

I would now like to open this blog to everyone, not only to the team. This is in the interest of sharing some process and also increasing the visibility of the work as it develops.

Welcome back to the team and welcome to anyone else who cares to read along also!


  1. great - when do you move in?

    I've had a great year so far, getting fully into study and learning has been very good. I've only been involved in one performance project since the first part of this residency earlier in the year. Looking forward to seeing how this develops, and joining the process where appropriate.

  2. I'm in already - back in room 7. Have been since Monday.

    I'm going to put a call out for doing some stuff with some people, but haven't got to that quite yet.

    For the collaborators - anyone who is around can come in when they like. Simon, it would be good to touch base with you before you head off to Sydney. We will hear about funding sometime in November.